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Safety & Medical Care


The UTSA Summer Band Institute has the campers safety in mind at every juncture.
  • All camp staff (including administration, counselors and instructional staff) have completed a Level II background check through the Texas Department of Law Enforcement.
  • The Campus is manned by a 24 hour security team.
  • The UTSA Campus is equipped with state of the art emergency notification and response systems.
  • Students are chaperoned at all times.  Campers are only permitted to be at the music buildings or dorm unless they are with a staff member.  They may not explore campus on their own, and are not permitted to travel off-campus.
  • Campers may only be signed out from camp by their parents or other adults that a camper's parents have given written permissions in advance to sign the student out. A sign-out permission form will be provided after you are regitered.
  • Overnight students that drive themselves to camp are required to turn in their keys upon check in and are not permitted to drive for the duration of camp.

The UTSA Student Health Center is available to campers who experience health problems while at camp if they are over the age of 12.

The UTSA Summer Band Institute does not have a nurse on staff and employees of the SBI are not responsible for making health decisions on behalf of the campers. All medical care will be given by a health professional at the above listed facilities.In case of an emergency, proper action will be carried out by official UTSA Medical Staff.


If your son or daughter has an ongoing medical condition (diabetes, seizures, Chrone's, etc) or has a history of other ailments (eating disorders, depression, suicidal tendencies) please alert our administration and their camp counselor when you check-in and make sure that your child knows to alert and adult immediately if they are experiencing any signs or symptoms.


For the safety of all campers, no medications (prescription nor over-the-counter) may be kept in the dorm rooms.  All medications (excluding vitamins) must be given to the counselors on check-in day.

For minor ailments, such as headaches, upset stomachs, fatigue, bug bites, etc, parents have the option of allowing our camp counselors to administer common medications. These medication include Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, Antacids, Immodium, Hydrocortison Cream, and Antihistimines. A form will be provided for parents to state what medications may be administered by camp staff.  If you do not wish for camp staff to be able to administer these common medications, your child will only receive them by going to the Health Center for treatment.