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Scholaships & Discounts

We want to reward YOU for being an outstanding individual! Therefore, we have provided the following opportunities for you to take advantage of.


For the 2017 High School Summer Band Institute, we will be offering scholarships to those students who wish to apply for one. To apply, simply print and fill out the form below. This application and documents of proof will need to be mailed to our camp office (see mailing information below). We will notify you of your acceptance no later than April 1st. The deadline to apply for a camp scholarship is Sunday, March 26th. Applications received after the posted deadline will not be considered. Not all who apply will receive a camp scholarship.

Awards will be given to students with the considerations of academic excellence, performance excellence (region band participation / solo & ensemble ratings), and also for those who are need based students. Please be as descriptive as possible when filling out your application for a camp scholarship. We want to know how a camp scholarship will best benefit you as a growing musician!

Students who have participated in the region process or received merits at solo and ensemble will need to submit a copy of proof with their application. These proofs can simply be a picture of a region band program or score sheets from a solo and ensemble judge. Academic transcripts should be sent as well for the most recent grading cycle for ALL applicants.


Scholarship amounts vary depending on the camper’s status. On the scholarship application, the camper will need to select whether they wish to be considered for a residential scholarship or a commuter scholarship. Scholarships will be awarded in the following amounts:

Residential - $200
Commuter - $100

It is important to note that the camper will only be considered for the type of scholarship in which they apply for. Campers who receive a residential scholarship ($200) will be required to apply as a residential camper and pay the full residential price – minus the scholarship ($585). Campers who receive commuter scholarships ($100) will be required to apply as a commuter student and pay the full commuter price – minus the scholarship ($350). Campers may not use residential scholarships towards commuter cost or vice-versa.


Campers who are returning to the High School Summer Band Institute for their second year are offered the following discount:

Returning Camper - $50 off tuition (both residential and commuter cost)

If you are a returning camper – you will need to email our camp admin and request a discount code to be applied during your check-out process.

*Do not register until you have received this discount code.
If you were a member of the All-State Band or placed in area during the 2016-2017 school year – you are eligible for the following discounts with submitted proof. Please email a copy of your All-State/Area results to our camp admin at Talk to your high school band director if you need help finding proof.

All-State Participant – $100 off camp tuition (both residential and commuter cost)
Area Participant  - $50 off camp tuition (both residential and commuter cost)

Camp Scholarship Applications should be mailed to the following address:

UTSA Music – Attn: UTSA High School SBI
1 UTSA Circle
San Antonio, TX. 78249



If you have any questions, please email us at