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Registration Information

Thank you for considering the UTSA Percussion Camp!


We are excited you are considering attending our second annual UTSA Percussion Camp! Students will have the opportunity to study with world class faculty and guest artists, experiencing instruction on mallet keyboard techniques, marching percussion, jazz percussion and drum set, as well as world percussion and steel band. The week will end in a final showcase performance open to the public.

Below you will find all of the information you need regarding registration. We look forward to working with you this summer!


Paying Deposits and Balances

Early Registration is open until 11:59pm on June 7, 2019. Early Registration tuition for the UTSA Percussion Camp is $275.

Late Registration (June 8th-July 1st) tuition is $300.

A $75 non-refundable deposit (applied toward tuition) is due upon registration online. Your remaining is due by July 1st. You will get an email reminder regarding payment from Myonlinecamps before this deadline.

You will receive a registration ID when signing up for camp, and you will need to log in to your account to pay any balances. Please be aware that Myonlinecamps, our registration website host, charges an additional $5 administrative fee. All payments for registration must be done online through the registration website.

A dashboard parking permit for the week may be purchased for $6, which is especially useful for high school students driving themselves to camp. Families may also purchase these for easy parking during the final concert or for other parking needs during the week. Permits may only be purchased in advance through the registration website, and will be distributed during check-in.

Cancellation and Refunds

Please note our cancellation policy:

Before June 8th: 100% refund (not including the $75 non-refundable deposit)

After June 8th: 50% refund (not including the $75 non-refundable deposit)

Any cancellations in attendance must be sent in written email form to:

Discounts and Scholarships

Discounts on tuition will be given for students who are willing to bring instruments for use at camp. We are always in need of the following instruments, so please take note of the list below and the discount given for that particular instrument:

  • Conga drums - $20 discount
  • Xylophone - $30 discount
  • Drum Set - $30 discount
  • Marimba/Vibraphone - $50 discount

Students wishing to bring any of these instruments should label every piece of equipment with their name and/or initials. Please bring a small inventory list for our staff to keep on file. Please note: UTSA Percussion Camp is not responsible for any theft, damage, or loss of any personal equipment. We will, however, ensure these instruments are kept safe by monitoring practice room usage, keeping doors locked and secured, enforcing instrument care and respect, and giving priority usage to the owners of the instruments. Please note that students are encouraged to leave their small bell kits at home.

*Scholarships for this camp may come available throughout Spring 2019. Please check back on our website for more information.


Will instruments be provided during the camp? Do I need to bring anything with me?

All large percussion instruments will be provided (timpani, keyboards, drum sets, world percussion, etc). Students should bring sticks, mallets, and a practice pad  with them every day. Please see our “Discounts and Scholarships” section above for details about bringing your own instruments for a discount off of your tuition.


Is a 4-mallet etude required for the audition?

No. Students are encouraged to play what is most comfortable for them for the audition.

Why am I required to so many etudes and instruments for my audition?

Since the world of percussion is very broad, we want to get an idea of the experience level of each student as they begin their studies at camp. Listening to each student demonstrate their skills on each instrument allows us to place students into the proper groups for our many classes during the week.

What if I have no experience playing ________ ? (mallets, snare drum, drum set, world percussion, etc)

If you do not have any experience playing certain instruments over others, we are glad you are considering our camp! While we are not designed to be a camp for beginners (1 year of band and/or music study required to attend), our goal is to give all our students a “total percussion” experience. This means students will take classes and workshops involving many different percussion instruments and should be open to learning something new.

Is there a residential option for this camp?

The UTSA Percussion Camp is designed to be a “day camp” that allows students to return home and rest after each intensive day of classes and rehearsals. This keeps costs down for those who wish to attend. A residential option is not being offered at this time.

We live far away from UTSA but would still like to attend your camp. We aren’t too excited about the commute…do you have any suggestions?

If you are considering our camp this summer but the daily commute to the 1604 campus seems lengthy, we suggest carpooling with other students from your school or general area. If you are looking for students to carpool with, please let us know and we will help you get in touch with each other. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have other concerns about this.

Will I be able to take private lessons with any of the camp faculty?

Yes. Students will have the opportunity to take private lessons for an additional cost of $25 for 30 minutes. Sign-up and payment for private lessons should be settled upon check-in, however, students may sign up for lessons as the week progresses, subject to faculty availability. Please note that payment is required to take a lesson, and faculty may choose not to conduct a lesson without payment beforehand.

What if I need to leave camp during the week?

If students anticipate any conflicts with scheduled classes or rehearsals, the camp director needs written notification upon or before check-in. If a student must miss multiple days of classes or rehearsals, they may not be able to perform in the final concert. Refunds or discounts for missed classes will not be offered. Emergency situations that involve leaving camp will be handled on a case-by-case basis.