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We believe that music education through summer music programs not only enhance a student’s life but also has the potential to change their life. To extend this opportunity to students who want to participate in summer music education programs, yet lack the financial means, we established a scholarship drive to raise camp scholarship funds. Through this, we are able to award scholarships to deserving students that would greatly benefit from and contribute strongly to a summer music program here at UTSA.

The goal is to award scholarships to a number of different indiviudals. We encourage diversity in our summer music programs and want young adults to be able to choose a summer music experience that will not only better train them as growing musicians but one that will also inspire them to be lifelong advocates of the arts. Through your generosity, we can make a strong positive impact on both the individuals and the communities in which they proudly representing.

Together - let's make a difference!

Make a donation today to one of our summer music programs listed below. You will be able to specify the summer music program in which you wish to make a donation to upon paying.

Donate to UTSA Summer Music Camps!
  • UTSA Middle School Band Institute
  • UTSA High School Summer Band Institute
  • UTSA Choir Camp
  • UTSA Performing Arts Camp

Sponsor a Camper!

Donors have the opportunity to sponsor a camper who is looking to attend one of our summer music camps here at UTSA. With a variety of donation amounts available to select from, everyone has the opportunity to make a difference for our campers. Click on the "DONATE" tab above to make a donation today!

If you are a camper and are looking to raise money through family and friends - share this page through email and or social media! Crowd funding is a great way to help off-set some of the camp costs.