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Supervision & Housing

Our experienced counselors are comprised of UTSA undergraduate music majors, alumnus, and members of UTSA Music Ensembles, many of them veteran camp counselors. We maintain a counselor-to-camper ratio of 1:10. Campers are supervised at all times by counselors, staff, or faculty, checking in at all strategic moves throughout the day as well as at breakfast, before dinner, and evening meetings with counselors. Throughout the day, attendance is taken at the beginning of each class.

Campers are housed in San Saba Hall located on the UTSA campus. There will be 2-4 people per dorm room, containing individually locked bedrooms. Counselors’ rooms are on the same floor with their assigned campers. Shuttles will transport students to the Music Building each morning and night.

Although requests cannot be guaranteed, campers may indicate a preferred roommate on the registration form. Campers who both specifically request one another will automatically be assigned as roommates. Feel free to indicate up to three roommate choices. In the event that several campers request the same person, we will do our best to accommodate the camper’s wishes. All further roommate requests or changes must be in writing. If no roommate preference is indicated, an effort will be made to match students of the same age and school; ROOMMATE ELECTION OR CHANGES WILL NOT BE PERMITTED AFTER JUNE 10th. Campers may not switch roommates upon arrival at or during camp. Visitation between campers of the SAME GENDER housed on different floors is allowed at the discretion of the campers’ assigned counselors. Campers are advised to keep their rooms locked and to leave non-essential and valuable personal items at home. Never leave items of value unattended. The camp cannot be responsible for loss of campers’ personal money or other assets.


Three meals are served daily on Monday and Tuesday, with breakfast and lunch on Wednesday. Main entrees will vary from day to day. Campers and counselors eat together and are asked to properly clean their area once everyone in their group has eaten.

Vegetarian elections or other concerns about menu choices should be sent to the Camp Director at before June 10th.

Vending machines for soft drinks, candy and other snacks are available in the dorm.

Campers may bring additional snacks.


  • Modest clothing and shoes suitable for hot outdoor weather, lots of walking, and air-conditioned classrooms.
  • T-shirts must reflect good taste and shorts are acceptable.
  • Additional attire for talent show and social activities. (Students are suggested to bring athletic wear for the fitness focus session)
  • Extra cash for incidental expenses.
  • Many campers enjoy exercising the option to choose supplemental snacks at free times during camp.
  • Bed linens. Sheets need to fit a twin-sized bed. Don’t forget a pillow, comforter, and any other things to make your bed more comfortable.
  • Toiletries, washcloths, soap/shampoo/conditioner, sunscreen, shower slippers, hangers, alarm clock, cell phone charger.
  • Umbrella
  • Talent Show items – optional. Costumes, accompaniment CDs, sheet music, etc.
  • Things to do in “down time” at dorm: Board games, cards, guitar, book, etc.
  • All-weather jacket or sweatshirt. Classrooms can get quite cool in the summer.